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Diamondbrite Pte Ltd

We are the sole Distributor for the DiamondbriteTM Products. DiamondbriteTM has been proven to be the best product available. In independent tests* it has not only been proven to offer significant benefits over non-protected paintwork, it has also performed better than our competitors.

Diamondbrite is the brand of Jewelultra Ltd, a Kent based company who manufacture a wide range of chemicals & car cleaning products.

Diamondbrite manufacture a comprehensive range of cleaning & valeting chemicals which include Car Polish, Shampoo, Alloy Wheel Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Tyre Dressing, Replenish, Leather Cleaner, Rain Screen & Upholstery Cleaner.  We also manufacture a wide range of chemicals for the janitorial industry.

Our product does NOT contain

No Silicone

Diamondbrite does not contain silicone, hence repainting of the vehicle will have no adverse effects.

No Silicates & Teflon

Diamondbrite also does not contain silicates which will make it brittle and prone to cracking and no teflon which is carcinogenice, making it an environmentally friendly product. (more...)