Why Diamondbrite?

Convenience and Protection for your Investment.

Owner’s Responsibility

Once you have taken delivery of your car, some vehicle manufacturers guarantee against penetration of rust into the bodywork and actual separation of paint from the bodywork, whilst others do not.

The condition of the paintwork and protection against environment elements are down to you as the owner.

Environmental Demands

Due to environmental demands, most car manufacturers now have to use water based paints, which whilst, environmentally safe, are prone to fading and oxidation.

Fading and oxidation are usually caused by environmental elements like road salts, traffic film, acid rain, industrial fall out, other atmospheric pollutants and continued exposure to ultraviolet light. Hence the longer a vehicle is exposed to the elements, the higher risk of paint fading and oxidation.

Conventional Polishing

Common remedies would be consistent washing and polishing to renew and maintain the paint’s gloss. The benefits of polishing have a limited life span. Polishing alone does not totally eliminate fading and oxidation. Overtime, the high gloss and luster of a car, fresh from a showroom is lost.

The act of polishing itself will degenerate the paintwork over time, as it removes microscopic layers of the paint each time it is polished. Hence overtime it would never look as good as it did when it was new.

Diamondbrite has been awarded and recognised by the motor trade and the ISO on environment management.

Our product does NOT contain

No Silicone

Diamondbrite does not contain silicone, hence repainting of the vehicle will have no adverse effects.

No Silicates & Teflon

Diamondbrite also does not contain silicates which will make it brittle and prone to cracking and no teflon which is carcinogenice, making it an environmentally friendly product. (more...)