Diamondbrite Screenwash 500 ml

Ref. Code: JU074

Diamondbrite Screenwash is an effective screenwash designed to keep your windscreen crystal clear.

It contains a highly concentrated formulation with active ingredients for efficient cleaning.

This Screenwash will remove road grime, traffic film & insects for better wiper action & smear free vision.

This product is also available in a 5 litre size.

Our product does NOT contain

No Silicone

Diamondbrite does not contain silicone, hence repainting of the vehicle will have no adverse effects.

No Silicates & Teflon

Diamondbrite also does not contain silicates which will make it brittle and prone to cracking and no teflon which is carcinogenice, making it an environmentally friendly product. (more...)